Name: University of Texas – Pan American


Location: Edinburg, Texas

The UTPA or the University of Texas – Pan American is one of the oldest universities of the University of Texas system. The university offers a wide range of baccalaureate, masters-level to doctoral level degrees. Apart from mainly educating the Rio Grande Valley natives, the university’s reach is spread to different countries and natives. It has a rich faculty of 1198 highly qualified and experienced professors according to recent stats.

1. Hong Qin

She is one of the top computer science professors at the university and according to students, extremely capable, dedicated and helpful.

2. Sonia Alianak

She teaches political science at the university and even for people with little or no understanding for politics; she cuts across as an expert. She also provides good notes and sets exams from there.

3. Mariana Alessandri

She teaches philosophy at the university and despite the fact that she makes the course seem easy, you have to work extra hard for her A.

4. Akindayomi Akinloye

He is a great finance professor. Although his course is quite hard and monotonous, you need to work extra hard to hack his finance classes.

5. Chad Airhart

He teaches art history and is good at it. He may tangent around his lectures, choose favorites early be rude to tardy students, but he sets great and easy to pass exams.

6. Seokyoung Ahn

He is a graphics engineering professor and teaches quite well if you give him a chance to teach. He is also humanitarian and accepts the Hispanic culture well.

7. Hassan Ahmad

He is a great chemistry professor who will do all he can to ensure you understand, even if you struggle with chem.

8. Punit Ahluwalia

He is the caring computer science professor who is adored by students.

9. Aje-Ori Agbese

She is a communications professor who will teach you about anything because she is just good.

10. John Abraham

He is a computer science professor with a firm grip of ecommerce. However, expect a lot of homework.

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