Name: University of California Irvine


Location: Irvine, California

The University of California Irvine is one of the best universities in Irvine, California. It’s known popularly as the largest public research university in Irvine with a student population spanning over 28000. UCI has more than 80 undergraduate programs in different disciplines. To support this massive student population, the university is well equipped, supported by highly trained and experienced professors.

Currently, there are 2852 professors on board at the college. Many of the universities top professors work full time and have been rated highly by peers and students alike. According to a recent professors ratings by students, the following professors emerged as some of the best at the University.

1. Danielle Vellucci

Chemistry TA at the university and many of those students who’ve interacted with her say she is really good, beautiful, helpful and available.

2. Kevin Zollman

Teaches philosophy in way that removes all the dullness in the subject. Many students also find him extremely helpful and available.

3. April Trask

Teaches history at the university. She is described as chillingly funny, totally outgoing and interesting. Even as a TA she is the best you can have because she is so caring.

4. Janice Gregory

Amazing humanities professor at UCI. She is aptly interested in the student life and many students credit her for their persistence.

5. Max Winter

Teaches writing at UCI.

6. Josh Gellers

Teaches the social sciences and students describe him as very amiable and intelligent.

7. Tim Champagne

Chemistry professor and is highly respected in his field and department.

8. Jason Denman

English professor who is respected by many of his students because he is intelligent and funny.

9. Bruce Nicholson

Teaches writing at the college and his classes are simple

10. Matt Keti

Math professor. He explains concepts with incredible candor and students love him.

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