Name: University of Georgia


Location: Athens, Georgia

This university is predominantly one of the oldest and most revered colleges in the country. In fact, it’s the de factor oldest public university in the US. It offers a wide array of course and specialist disciplines in the languages, journalism, business, engineering, trade and so many others. The college graduates up to 35000 students yearly and this number is amazing.

To support the intense growth the university has seen, there are 2588 at the university. These are extremely and highly qualified individuals who share the university’s illustrious academic history. Some of their top professors are highly recognized worldwide for their cutting edge innovations and papers. Here are some of their top academics according to their student’s professors ratings.

1. Mary Lutz

Teaches psychology and students describe her as one of the most interesting and funny professors at the university. She doesn’t need a text book because she is phenomenally skilled.

2. Josh Haines

History professor who many students describe as quite entertaining and friendly.

3. Adam Fletcher

Well published and knowledgeable math professor at the UOG.

4. George Contini

Teaches theater at the university of Georgia

5. Thomas Nguyen

Teaches physical education. Students describe him as one who will make you love sports.

6. Nathan Lekahal

Statistics professor who has been one of the most formidable academics at the institution. He is also widely published.

7. Bob Krask

English lecturer at the University of Georgia and is respected for his great content, communication and approachability

8. Jeb Byers

Teaches ecology and evolutionary biology. Whereas his subjects are often dry, he makes them live and awards marks generously.

9. Katherine Daley

Teaches theology. She is passionate about what she teaches and tests from her notes.

10. Margaret Morison

Fine arts teacher at the University of Georgia. She teaches you how to create great art.

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