Name: University of Texas at San Antonio


Location: San Antonio, Texas

The University of Texas at San Antonio is a state research university. It supports at least 30000 students and offers courses up to doctoral level. Presently, the college has at least 2112 professors registered as their own.

With its multidisciplinary and varied, well trained faculty, this college offers unique courses for different students. According to recent professors ratings, these are the top professors at the institution.

1. Julia Sargent

She is one of the most revered anthropology professors at the university’s anthropology department. Students feel she is a great teacher. Besides, her course is quite easy.

2. Rolando Quintana

Rolando was an amazing engineering professor. Students at UTSA still name him as one of their best teachers.

3. Lori Beck

Lori is an education professor. She is highly skilled, experienced and according to students, she passes their entire test owing to her experimental references as she teaches.

4. Jose Gutierrez

Not many finance professors are as respected and loved as Jose. He is one of the finest at what he does and students say that, despite the challenge his classes pose, he makes them look and feel easy because he is good.

5. Eugene John

He is another engineering professor who is loved by students for his demeanor. Given, he tests what he teaches.

6. Janice Dames

She oozes Education information and it’s no wonder she teaches it. students love her.

7.Keri Toma

She is a languages professor and students love her because she is experienced, skilled and knows what she is doing. She is also approachable and kind.

8. Benjamin Domingue

He is a great History professor. However, note that class attendance is a must.

9. Julie Garcia

She is fantastic maths professor according to students. Even if your first love is not math, her classes will make you love math.

10. Craig Pair

She is an approachable criminal Justice professor who is rated highly by students.

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