Name: University of Arizona


Location: Tucson, Arizona

The University of Arizona is one of the country’s most respected universities which boast of some of the best medical research training centers in the state. It’s well-equipped, funded and has a rich, diverse and well trained academic faculty.

Based on recent rankings, the University of Arizona, also known as UA has at least 3274 professors to cater for its population which is close to 40,000 annually. With over 334 fields of study offered on campus, the university’s finest best professors include the following.

1. Joel Martinez

He is a philosophy professor who wears nice sneakers. This is rare and he is cool and easy with students. One of the best professors at UA according to many students.

2. Paul Johnson

He is a journalism professor and many students state he has a different perspective to the sector. Others have nicknamed him the principal of South Pack and they love him.

3. Andy Fuglevand

He is a biology professor who is distinguished and respected for his works. He is quite intimidating with mandatory classes, 4 exams and strictness of laziness. He is cool though.

4. Jack Elliot

He is a leading communications professor at the university.

5. David Dunford

He is a political science professor who will teach you a lot of things you thought you knew

6. Scott Brown

He is a near eastern studies professor who will teach you a lot or Arabic stuff.

7. Laura Walker

She helps students understand what she is teaching and even tells them the total scope of the exam. She loves horses.

8. Stacey Tecot

She is an anthropology professor who has passion in what she does. She is totally knowledgeable and always great to listen to.

9. Scott Savage

He is a sociology professor who will give you more opportunities than one to get good grades in his units. Very professional and skilled as well, according to many students.

10. Kristen Lawson

She is an English professor who is respected and trusted by her students. a tough grader but great with the insights.

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