Name: University of California San Diego


Location: La Jolla, California

The University of California San Diego is a public research university in San Diego, CA. Whereas not the oldest in the state, the university boasts phenomenon growth over the years to the stature it has today. With over 200 courses on offer at the university, its comfortably one of the best in the USA.

The university presently has about 2224 professors according to recent professors’ rankings all of whom are well trained and experienced. Here is a list of some of UCSD’s best professors.

1. Rachael Lapidis

She is a psychology professor who knows what she is doing. She does not teach with textbooks, has a firm grasp over her topics and marks properly. She is also interesting and understands what students want.

2. Youniss El Cheddadi

He is a linguistics professor whose classes are so relaxed, straight forward and interesting. He is also patient and this makes language easy to master.

3. Thomas Powell

He is a computer science professor who is truly respected in the field by students and peers for his work.

4. Steve Levkoff

He is an economics professor who has been praised for his illustrious work on different fronts. He has a fresh perspective for economics and this makes it quite interesting.

5. Thomas Bewley

He is an engineering professor with a difference and very helpful to students.

6. Lisa Nunn

She teaches sociology and has a firm grip of what she is talking about.

7. Glenn Hom

He is seen as a great mentor among many med students he has interacted with.

8. Patrick Gleason

He is a respected teaching assistant in the writing department. He knows exactly what he is talking about and never assigns busy work.

9. Luz Chung

She is an education professor who cares much about her students.

10. Will Garner

He is a good math TA who knows how to explain stiff to his students.

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