Name: Arizona State University


Location: Tempe, Arizona

The Arizona state University is considered as the largest public university in the USA by enrolment. It offers courses from undergraduate all the way to the doctoral level. As a leading research university, this institution has some of the world’s top professors. According to recent professors’ ratings results, the following are their 10 professors among the 5221 registered by the university.

1. Susan Larson

She is one of the most prolific education professors at ASU. Most of her students consider her as caring, understanding and helpful. She makes elementary maths interesting in other worlds.

2. William Martin

William martin is an interesting English professor at Arizona State and many students love him because of the passion he enthuses in what he does, easy marks and presence. He is one of the few professors who show up on time and make their courses interesting. Besides, he is easy on the eye as well.

3. Dick Buscher

He is a truly inspire educator and many of his students are inspired by what he teaches. He teaches education courses that are relevant, current and helpful.

4. Gloria Encinas

She is a modern languages professor with sic sense of humor. She is intelligent, good with oral exams and always willing to help.

5. Catherine Stermetz

She is a communication professor who knows how to handle her business. She is a great communicator, especially in public and enthusiastic.

6. Joe Cayer

He is a great public administration professor, who is well read, kind, caring and accessible. Students describe him as a true academic.

7. Nancy Sirianni

She is a great marketing professor. However, because she teaches the best research methods, be ready for the work.

8. Benard Kobes

He is a great philosophy professor and makes a rather boring subject uptly interesting, friendly and warm.

9. Dan Gilfillan

He is a languages professor who brings life to whatever he teaches.

10. Eric Johnson

He is another respected and well published English professor at ASU and has been described as a ‘gift from God’ by some students for his dedication.

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